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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Fight Like Susan

Be focused
Be creative
Have outrageous endurance
Be kind

Monday, August 24, 2009

Finding hope

I had a great ride today. Twenty-two miles with the fast boys on Monday night. I felt great, rode fast, and plowed home solo into a brutal headwind. I'm enjoying the time on the bike (but need to solve some minor saddle issues yesterday) and looking forward to the next ride. I am happy about that. Riding is a great refuge for me. I can ride and think or I can ride really hard, go deep into the pain cave and think about nothing.

Mom's friend Debbie's funeral was Thursday. Mom had to miss the weekend in Spokane with the family to attend. Mom was pretty shook up when she passed away, even though everyone knew it was coming. Debbie planned her own funeral in the middle of aggressive treatment. She fought cancer so many times...

Losing four people to cancer in such rapid succession has left me feeling a little apprehensive about my aunt's recurrence. It's frustrating to everyone how everything can be clean then three months later, tumors are large and in charge all over the place. I tried to explain from the scientific side how cancer can be so aggressive to my dad on the drive home today while my girls slept in the back of the van. I'm not sure how effective I was but the bottom line is cancer will find a way to feed itself. Left to their own devices cancer cells will divide exponentially, eventually stealing all the nutrients from the surrounding tissue, killing the tissue it has invaded. Looked at microscopically, it's brutal.

The most powerful weapon against cancer is hope. Dad and I talked a bit about that as we talked about my cousin's expected child arriving in a few short months. Everyone fighting must find their own reason to believe they can survive. For my aunt, I pray that new grandchild brings enough hope and resolve to steel her against her second fight for her life.

I spent my evening reading up on the exploits of Team Fatty: Philly. I have to tip my hat to them. I think they very much outdid Seattle. Read more:
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The team is being reformed for 2010. You don't have to be a hardcore cyclist to join. You don't even need to join to get the gear and feel the love. Just go visit TwinSix.com. Proceeds go to Fatty and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A month later - major losses

I've been a little lax in posting lately, due largely to the fact I have been extraordinarily busy. Between a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and a conference in San Diego, I have been on the go and (unfortunately) relatively bike free.

While at my conference, I received word that three people passed away due to cancer in the same 24 hour period. I cannot adequately do their memories justice. They will be truly missed. One is Susan Nelson, the inspiration for Team Fatty and the wife of famous cycling blogger, Fatty. Another is the mother and wife of family friends. She and her family accompanied my family on a Christmas trip to Hawaii. The last is the father of a high school classmate.

Rest in peace, all.