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Friday, March 19, 2010

Time's fun when you're having flies

Quite a bit has happened since August. My professional obligations have increased (in a good way, I think) so my time is increasingly occupied with things other than riding bikes and fighting cancer. I had surgery to repair the mess I made in my nose by playing rugby in college so the summer can be a little more bearable for me. It turns out, the ability to breathe freely helps with riding a bike, too. My grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Yeah, I slipped that last one in there. It was an anxious few weeks as we learned the extent of the cancer. Fortunately, it has not spread widely at this point so they can treat it with relatively non-invasive options. Men are nearly guaranteed to have some form of prostate cancer if they reach a certain age so this wasn't a huge surprise intellectually. Emotionally, it was a real shock. IT motivated me to change the way I teach cell cycle control in my biology classes and led to amazing work by my students we were able to share with the student body during cancer awareness week.

I wil be back to revise the logos and widgets this week since it is spring break for me. In the meantime, my site for this year is http://seattle2010.livestrong.org/jeveritt and every $10 I collect between now and May 7, 2010 is a mile I ride in the FatCyclist.com 100 Miles of Nowhere event. Last year, I rode 176 miles and if you donate I'll ride them all.