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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Join Team Fatty!

Just thought I'd drop a note in here. This year's LIVESTRONG Challenge series will be in Seattle, San Jose, Philadelphia and Austin. If you are thinking about riding it and are otherwise unaffiliated, I would suggest joining Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan. Our goal is to be the largest team in the history of the series and raise the most money in the history of the series. This is in honor of Susan Nelson, Fatty's wife, who has metastatic brain cancer.

You are still eligible for all the just rewards from the Challenge itself but the team has rewards, too. And we have really snazzy kit, but it's only available via preorder at TwinSix until March 17th. ($30 from every jersey goes to the LAF and you don't have to be a team member to get one.)

Check out FatCyclist.comFatCyclist.com for more info, humorous bike stories, and heart-wrenching tidbits about what it is like to live with someone you love fighting for her life. I hope it moves you as it moves me.

P.S. I will be hosting a booth to distribute LAF cancer survivorship materials and raise money for Team Fatty at the 2009 Keizer Iris Festival, May 15-17. If anyone knows a good place to have 11x17 color print done for that event relatively cheaply, I'd love to hear where. Feel free to drop in and say hi. (And, no, I'm really not too proud to beg at this point. :D )

P.P.S. Please donate.

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