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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm sick. In the middle of summer. This means my serious riding is on hold until I can take a deep breath without going into coughing fits for a full minute. So riding has slowed but this has given me something perhaps more precious: Time.

My mom's close friend, Debbie, entered hospice care last week after repeated bouts with breast cancer. Seeing Team Fatty San Jose could use an extra body, I decided to join as a virtual participant. I've raised $130.66 on my San Jose participant page.
Twin Six generously donated to each San Jose participant to bring them above $100, hopefully sealing the Team Messenger award in San Jose. Feel free to donate there in honor of Debbie's fight.

Fatty wrote another gut-wrenching post about Susan's fight against cancer. They show so much grace in trying circumstances and I feel privileged to be a part of the team in support of Susan.

I have another side project going for the team but I'm struggling getting other folks to participate. I've been able to get started the last couple of days and I hope I can get it done soon as it seems Susan has taken a turn for the worst.

Cancer sucks but there are some most excellent people involved in the fight. I hope you'll join in.

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