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Saturday, April 4, 2009

27 miles - 73 to go

Thank you! Another round of donations came in today and together, we've raised $135 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. That means I'm riding 27 in the 100 Miles of Nowhere. Tell all your friends and help me get to (or beyond) 100 miles. Remember, you get to help choose my method of insanity.

I had an awesome ride today. The weather cleared up and it was so warm today, relatively speaking. I started in leg and arm warmers and had to peel them off after the engine got warm. I was going hard and fast, up near LT most of the ride. I still feel a little slow but feel pretty good with the effort.

I tried to GPS the route today, but I lost signal at the start and the program never picked it back up. That was a bummer as I really like the route I took.

Ride time: 2:11:03
Distance: 37.47 mi.
Average speed: 17.1 mph

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