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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunny days are back again

We made the newsletter! With your help, we have raised over $167,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. That's almost as much as the entire group of participants in San Jose!

I would love your help and support. Please tell people you know about Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan. Encourage them to join the team or donate to a Team Fatty member. Every little bit helps in the fight against cancer and meeting our goals of having the largest team ever, raising the most money ever and creating a legacy the Nelson family can be proud of.

In other news, the Team Fatty booth at the Keizer Iris Festival is starting to take shape. The one major thing I have left to do is get internet access at the booth for online donations. I've got information and goodies from the Lance Armstrong Foundation to give away. I've got keychains and bracelets made of recycled bicycle chain to sell. I'm picking up some extra sunscreen to give away. I'm really excited for this fundraising and outreach opportunity. Please join me May 15-17 at Keizer Station. Drop in for an hour or two or just pop in and say, "Hi!"

The 100 Miles of Nowhere looks like it may be postponed from the end of April to sometime in May. If it is, I will extend the time for donations toward mileage. Right now, I am riding 73 miles based on the $365 in donations already in, bringing my overall total to $655 (one check isn't in the online total, yet). With some other pledged money, it looks like I may be riding the full 100 miles and then some. I would love to have to ride more. Encourage everyone you know. Just tell them this crazy guy you know is riding 100 miles (or more) going absolutely nowhere to raise money to fight cancer. If that doesn't work, well, threaten them with those pictures you took in college. :-)

I got up and out early today after getting no ride in yesterday. We planted our side garden so that meant running around town picking up tools and soil. We put in lettuce, broccoli, peas and artichokes. Fingers crossed we get a good crop and some fresh veggies in a few months. The upper garden will be tilled and planted in a couple of weeks for the tomatoes. We are hoping to put in an apple tree with the multiple varieties in one tree at some point.

The ride today was a longer group ride and with my ride from home to the meet up and back, I got in 68 miles. One of the guys who was with me the whole way said we averaged 17.7 during the 55-mile group portion of the ride. I felt good but the guys I was with wound it up to about 28 mph a couple of times on the way home so I felt pretty well cooked by the time it was over. It's time to rest and recover for a trip to the pool with the girls and another group ride tomorrow.

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