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Sunday, September 9, 2007

58-mile Training Ride

Today I took off on a training ride with the local bike club when the girls all headed off to church. Yesterday was a really windy day so some of the guys were pretty fatigued after the club ride yesterday. I did not particpate in that ride as I was playing with the girls at a new indoor kids playground.

Feeling pretty good but fighting the wind, I spent the first hour trying to hang back a bit to pull for the guys. I'd get comfortably cruising at about 20 mph and they'd just get ripped off my wheel in the crosswind. I felt bad because I knew they were struggling but I went ahead and took off about 25 miles into the ride. At 30 miles in, I passed the fast group going the opposite direction. They usually take a modified version of the group route. I rolled back in to pass a couple of the fastest on my way back home in the car. (I don't like driving to go ride my bike, but I was late due to playing with the girls before I left.)

I'm a bit tired but feeling very good about finishing 58 miles in 3:10. I feel like I'm physically ready to go. I think I'll send in my registration for the Peach of a Century Ride the weekend before the Challenge.

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