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Saturday, September 8, 2007

T-Minus 3 weeks

I'm incredibly late in even starting this blog. The LIVESTRONG Challenge Portland is three short weeks away. I'm riding the 100-mile course and I expect it will push me to the limit like it did in 2005.

I'm feeling physically ready. I rode quite a few big mileage rides this summer, many more than previous summers. I am spending fewer days on the bike with the little girls around than I did in the past. Fatherhood brings adjustments to life, whether you want them or not.

Last Saturday, I rode an 86-mile club ride with a small group in 4.5 hours, doing a fair amount of pulling, which means I'm getting faster. I rode a "recovery" ride the next day with the local racers, rocketing up to sustained efforts in the 28-30 mph range. I've never been able to cling to someone's wheel at 25 mph on the flat, let alone 28-30 mph on small rollers. I was feeling pretty good about being able to hang on but I know I can improve upon that for next year.

The girls are all set for the 5K event at the Challenge with a friend and my folks. It's a family affair in support of my aunt who fought ovarian cancer last winter and is officially cancer-free as of June.

Cancer is such an invasive disease and such an indescriminate killer. We support the Lance Armstrong Foundation and its mission to make cancer a national priority. Please join me and my family in supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation through the LIVESTRONG Challenge Portland.

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