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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kirkland Triathlon Success

My wife made it through her triathlon on Sunday. She was doing quite well until the run. She was missing the bottles of sports drink she left in the freezer. She still was second in her age group. Pretty awesome for a woman who gave birth just three and a half months ago.

The girls and I made it down to the waterfront a little after the transition to the bike and got a chance to cheer Mom as she came in from the ride and transition to the run. Pictures were out of the question as toddler was running all over and infant was screaming. We met my wife's godfather and his wife to watch the finish and I was very happy to have a little help.

Riding has been intentionally limited and not too stressful this week as the first hundred miler of three in three weekends is Sunday. I'll go out for a couple hours tomorrow and put in an hour to an hour and a half Friday and Saturday to make sure the legs are loose. I'm feeling like I'm ready.

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