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Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's allergy season

I rode last Saturday and Sunday and rode again Friday. I have come to one very simple conclusion: Allergies stink! I rode 18.5 Saturday, came home and my eyes swelled shut. I rode 68.5 miles on Sunday with a bunch of climbing and felt okay afterward but had some itchy eyes and a plugged nose. I rode 42 miles on Friday and came back covered in hives. I could see the pollen coming off the wheat and grass fields in the valley.

I'm excited for the event this weekend but we had a little shirt snafu. It seems my month-early order had a problem. My spam filter caught the notification of the problem and all of a sudden we're talking about how to upgrade shipping and changing sizes that are backordered. I think we're squared away now, but I'll be more comfortable once the shirts are in hand.

In other news, I reached a fundraising milestone yesterday when my donation total reached $500. I'm halfway to my goal but I'm afraid with less than a week to go, I won't reach my goal by ride day. I will continue to fundraise in the hopes I can reach it after, however.

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