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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just a quick shopping trip

My training took a huge hit this week. I got sick. Very, very sick. I came down with a fever on Wednesday, in the middle of the day. I fought through the rest of my classes and after school time with students before coming home and sleeping until my wife had to go to work. Trying to take care of the girls while I was shaking was not really that enjoyable.

When I woke up in the morning, I was at 102. I usually run around 97.8 so this was a pretty significant spike for me. I got sub plans in and then slept all day Thursday. My wife took the girls out of the house for most of the morning and even took them to work at a care center in the athletic club down the street (for her first day, no less) so I could sleep and try to recover to deliver my finals. She really deserves a medal because her first day didn't go very well.

My fever finally broke sometime during the night Thursday, but I still didn't feel like eating much. In fact, my appetite didn't come back until today. I finally felt good enough to ride today, a week after my last ride.

I rode up the the factory stores north of us. It was about 42 miles round trip on a very pleasant day. The allergens are out and my allergies were acting up the whole day. Sneezing on a bike is a bit sketchy. I bought some new socks and a shirt, stuffed them in my jersey pocket and rolled on home. It felt good, but I will need to have the bike worked on this week. I'm having problems with the left crank and pedal.

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